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For Your Summer Viewing Pleasure

15 Jul

Some of you may have already seen these films and others not.  Regardless, they are all engaging and heartfelt.  Click the link below for Tech and Learning’s Top 10 Teaching Based Movies.  Enjoy!

Tech Learning TL Advisor Blog and Ed Tech Ticker Blogs from TL Blog Staff –


Whole Brain Teaching

15 Jul

The import of classroom management is widely known.  A student cannot learn if there are too many distractions, or if he, himself, is distracted.  Whole brain teaching is a method that is becoming widely used to increase student engagement, ensure students are attending to the task at hand and learning, retaining, and using the desired content regularly and appropriately.

The method is based on brain based research, and, frankly, it is amazing to watch.  Each step involved activates various pieces of the students’ brains.  It makes learning fun for them, maximizes instructional time, and makes that instructional time more valuable.  I have seen some of the most reluctant learners engage through the use of this method.

Why? How? What?

8 Jul

The Golden Circle, as described in this clip, describes how we all have a common bond, a common purpose.  Once we reach consensus on our practices, and we unite in our beliefs and understanding, our How? and What? will become more effective and efficient.

RtI Day 1 for Leadership

7 Jul

Over the course of the day, I gained insight and a strong foundational belief that Underhill School can and will succeed in the implementation of RtI. Through my conversations with staff so far and the survey results, it is apparent that all staff believes that the client, the students, deserve the attention and the focus of our improvement efforts. This year we will work to build consensus within and outside of our SBLT while simultaneously honing the team’s ability to use data to leverage tier one instructional practices so they are in line with 21st century instruction and scientifically proven, research based reading instruction.

Florida Problem Solving & Response to Intervention Project – Home

7 Jul

The following link leads to a sight we will be using periodically to evaluate our readiness for RtI.  It will also help us identify systemic areas we need to support within our own building.

Florida Problem Solving & Response to Intervention Project