21st Century Teaching and Learning

9 Aug

We’ve all been reflecting on 21st Century Teaching and Learning this summer. After all, we are already over 1/10th of the way through the 21st Century, so I guess it is about time!  I have found that it is easy to lose track of why we are on this venture to revolutionize and overhaul our educational systems. We can find tools to make us more efficient and effective at what we do. Students obviously need to know, functionally, how to use these tools including, computers, iPads, iPods, etc… For we are preparing them for occupations that may not even currently exist!
However, we should not lose sight of the fundamental purpose and mission we face: to improve the academic success of all children.  Computers cannot replace teachers making professional judgements and decisions while teaching a student to read. They can, though, use these technological tools to engage the students.
Engagement is the great equalizer! Make them want to learn!
Much of the video above is geared towards middle and high school teachers, however, it is applicable to any grade level.  It makes a great case for our mission and reminds us of why we must succeed.

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