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Activity for 9.30.11 Professional Day

30 Sep

Please click the link below for our 21st Century Learning Activity.

Once you open the document, click file–>save as–>Name the Document and save it to a memorable place on your computer.

Individualized Learning Plan

21st Century Learning in Kindergarten

14 Sep

Yesterday, I posted a 2nd grade example of 21st Century Learning in action. Today, I am providing a Kindergarten example. These teachers provide real world examples and experiences for their students, consequently creating life long learners.

The Wraparound Learning Experience

12 Sep

The Wraparound Learning Experience < Teaching Channel.

8.16.11–21st Century Learning Elements Interactive

After our last teacher’s meeting, many were amused and appreciative of the role-playing by Nash, Matt and Nicole.  However, the resounding question was, “But what does that look like at the primary level?”

The link above will take you to an example lesson where a 2nd grade teacher walks the viewer through her planning thought processes and demonstrates a lesson that encompasses many skill building techniques.  The techniques she uses easily help to reinforce some of the 21st Century Learning Elements we’ve been discussing throughout the district.  I’ve attached that document for your reference.  It can also be found on the SAU 15 21st Century Learning Wiki (the link is on the menu bar at the top of this blog).  I’ve posted the Interactive Elements specifically for those that are still unsure of exactly what the elements are.  This document provides a number of resources, video, audio, and written, that will clearly explain the background to each.  Enjoy, and don’t be afraid to comment.  We will learn from each other!  What you consider second nature, my be difficult and overwhelming to another.



Model of Dialogue for 21st Century Teaching

7 Sep

Below is a video featuring Hooksett’s Technology Director Matt Woodrow and Candia’s Director of Pupil Services Nash Reddy.  Nash is a 6th grade teacher approaching Matt, posing as a building administrator.  The two individuals discuss a lesson Nash has created during a pre-observation, observation, and post observation.  The result demonstrates a realistic shift in a teacher’s practice and understanding of 21st Century Instruction.  Click this link (LearningAcademy_ModelLesson) for the files Nash prepares and presents to Matt throughout the video.  See the questions below for reflection.  Post answers and thoughts in the comments box below.

21st Century Learning Academy from Justine Thain on Vimeo.

  • How do each of the headings of the unit differ from 20th Century to 21st Century (Concept, Objective, Assessment, Elements)?
  • Why is the revised heading considered “21st Century”?
  • What is the philosophical background to this change?  Why change?
  • How can you apply Nash’s learning to your lesson planning and your classroom?