Whole Brain Teaching – 4th Grade

15 Nov

Here, Chris Biffle shows a strategy called the “Genius Ladder.”  He demonstrates some of the tried and true Whole Brain Teaching techniques in the example as well.  Enjoy!

One Response to “Whole Brain Teaching – 4th Grade”

  1. Mary Lou Donahoe November 15, 2011 at 7:38 pm #

    I found these videos ( I watched 4th and 1st grade demonstrations) as well as Dr. Ross’s simple description of the neuronal connections very interesting. His video helps connect the reasoning behind the Whole Brain Teaching and its effectiveness.

    Chris Biffle demonstration of the strategy “Genius ladder” is quite interesting. I liked how he was building up the sentence, as he was also given the students strategies to perform the task. The students were engaged and very disciplined. The students appeared very focused and the lesson was effective as it continuously instructed the students to perform a given task and teach each other. The students were becoming an experts in the process of learning.

    It is important also to keep in mind neuronal connections via neurotransmitters help students make the learning connections. When students are stressed cortisol prevents those connections from happening. While using these whole brain learning techniques the students seemed to be very relaxed and enjoying themselves with low anxiety and stress, perhaps one contributor of its success.

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