Reading Interventions and Resources

21 Nov

Click here to visit Shari Galgano’s Website for DIBELS Interventions Electrified!

Above is a link to an assortment of DIBELS Interventions catalogued by Shari Galgano Technology Resource Teacher of the Caesar Rodney School District.  The site is organized in categories:

  • Letter Recognition
  • Rhyme
  • Letter Sounds
  • Putting Words Together
  • Templates

There are a plethora of resources in each category.  The templates section includes documents (worksheet-like) intended for students to complete on a computer.  Some are for reading and some for mathematics at varying grade levels.

I envision this being used in the classroom at stations.  Students would work on a computer based on his/her need, i.e. rhyming, sound segmentation, etc… during workshop time.

This site is worth investigation.



via Reading Interventions.

2 Responses to “Reading Interventions and Resources”

  1. Christine November 21, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    Wow Drew! This is amazing! So easy to add to the plethora of ways to practice reading! I am so glad that you found and shared this resource. Thank you 🙂

    • Maryann November 22, 2011 at 5:30 am #

      Thanks for sharing this site- I used to use it when I taught first grade! Only snaffu ( especially in the rhyme section) you have to read the word choices aloud to the kids and many of the sounds aren’t made correctly ( BBC/England). I will explore it further to see if the “new” sights are updated. I will also post on my BLOG- great resource for The Boucher Bunch Families. thx

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