Nurturing Curiosity & Inspiring the Pursuit of Discovery| The Committed Sardine

1 Feb

Inspiring curiosity, real world applicability, developing one’s desire to discover; these are all terms and themes that we should encourage and foster every day. Our students need to know why they are learning what they are and how that learning applies to them presently and in the future.

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One Response to “Nurturing Curiosity & Inspiring the Pursuit of Discovery| The Committed Sardine”

  1. Mary Lou Donahoe February 1, 2012 at 7:18 pm #

    Curiosity is a wonderful thing!! At Underhill we are at a very special place because we have a very young generation of students who LOVE to learn, who are curious and LOVE to explore. What we say they will do, we have a lot of power. We need to use our power wisely to prepare these children for their future educational and career endeavors. I find my students help me keep young with their “childlike” wondrous feeling of exploration. I totally agree with the video. Explore curiosity not only with our students but US as teachers. In order to be effective teachers at the Underhill school we need to take risks, be wonderous, be childlike. Make mistakes!! Take risks developing 21st century lessons. Yes, it makes us vulnerable but 21st Century learning is about learning together, collar orating between ourselves as educators but with the students. We are “facilitators” not “experts” on all knowledge. It is about learning together. We owe this to the students we serve and even our own children as the video so eloquently expresses. The time has come, we need to change. Change is inevitable!

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