City Rivals Band Together for Student Population

17 Feb

Traditionally competing schools banded together to improve their students’ reading performance through sharing and collaboration. Chelsea Clinton reports on Rock Center about these schools in Rhode Island. The following is the most compelling to me.1. The students’ ability to state the reading strategies they use and what they mean.2. The interviewed teachers’ willingness and passion for working together for the benefit of the city’s children.This school is finding success through collaboration, sharing, and being open to new ideas; a true success story in an environment that is not.

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One Response to “City Rivals Band Together for Student Population”

  1. Maryann February 18, 2012 at 6:40 am #

    This is in response to Dr Connors pod cast on Differentiated instruction:

    “One of the most challenging things when delivering differentiated instruction is CLASSROOM management!” Dr Connor

    Dr Connor’s advice on how administrators can support differentiated instruction to a classroom teacher who is solo is spot on! Having used workshops in first and second grade ( solo) I see how classroom management is instrumental in the effectiveness of workshop time. When I moved to Kindergarten 6 years ago K literacy was much different- thru continued collaboration with in our team, the literacy team and sped team we have evolved to a very effective system which has afforded us the ability to differentiate our instruction seamlessly- all workshops led/supported by a teacher! This has made a monumental difference in my instructional delivery as well as in my kinders academic gains! The K model should be mirrored in all grades 1 and 2. I welcome all first and second grade teachers to come observe. Our literacy block is 10:10 to 10:40 and 2:00-2:30.

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