Pinterest for Education

27 Feb

This weekend, my wife spent some time creating decorative tiles to be used as coasters throughout our house.  A few months ago, she found an old wooden ladder that has become a picture frame holder, which is now mounted on a wall in our living room.  The appearance of these, among other projects springing to life in our house, have coincided with what seems like an addictive tool for her and most of her friends, Pinterest.

Pinterest is an online bulletin board; another social networking tool used to share ideas and preferences.  What is different about Pinterest, though, is that it is very visual.

We were talking about Pinterest the other night, and Megan mentioned how one of her friends is using it as a professional development tool–to share ideas and resources.  This tool, which so many of you may be using already, can be used to organize your thoughts, ideas, professional development and network with other educators trying to accomplish similar goals.  Click the link below for Principal Eric Sheninger‘s exploration of this topic.

A Principal’s Reflections: Exploring the Educational Value of Pinterest.

See the SlideShare below for an introduction to Pinterest.


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3 Responses to “Pinterest for Education”

  1. Justine February 27, 2012 at 3:51 pm #

    This is such a coincidence – this weekend when I was visiting my college-aged daughter in the hospital, she asked me if I knew what Pinterest was. I hadn’t heard of it, so she quickly pulled out her laptop and shared her “boards” with me. I was fascinated at the amount of material she had organized, and the wheels started turning in my head…

    Thanks for sharing this resource Drew, I’ll be exploring this over vacation. It looks like a very promising tool for educators and our students.

    • Mary Lou Donahoe February 27, 2012 at 5:18 pm #

      Justine, So glad you responded, please keep thinking and share those thoughts with us!, I was also thinking this would be an excellent topic to learn more about at Underhill’s Wednesdays and Brownies sessions. I kept on reading the comments on Principals Eric Sheningr’s blog and someone talks about bringing “curation to a new level.” Curation was also discussed in one of the 21st Century Webinars early this year. I was wondering how to use curation/present. As said, I am still learning too, but definitely exciting and as you said promising for educators and students. At some point it all will come together. I definitely qualify as a :Digital Learner (DL)”!!

  2. Mary Lou Donahoe February 27, 2012 at 1:29 pm #

    This is amazing. I followed some of the blog responses on Principal’s Eric Sheninger’s blog and one in particular wrote as to how to use it in the classroom. She went more in depth how to create an electronic bulletin board for when the students use social media in the classroom. Instead using google to look for data, have materials already “pinned” on Printerest. It definitely sounds very interesting, never heard of it before and always happy to learn about new technology. I am wondering how we could manage this “electronic bulletin board” in our school to pin/share the tools we discover for all to see.

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