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Introducing the Book

28 Apr

Change will always occur! A little laugh for the final few days of vacation.Enjoy,Drew

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Social Media Must Be Used

27 Apr

The video below explains why social media is a “must use” in education.  Whether for developing a teacher’s professional learning network or to provide an audience for a student’s work, the options are endless.  What is clear is that we are merely scratching the surface.


Pick Your Poison? What Social Media to Use When

26 Apr

As a neophyte to the social media world, I am constantly identifying and evaluating the various social media outlets available.  This infographic helps to clarify the purpose of the major players in the field and provides some data as well.  While it may not help you jump into the social media realm right away, it may help you make a more informed decision once you do.  When reading it, think “parents” when you read “contacts” or “client base” and think “Fred C. Underhill School” when you read “brand” or “company.”

How to Use Kidblog – A Video

23 Apr

This is a video created by students for students. An FCU teacher was inquiring into how she might create a blog for each of her students. This video highlights how one teacher has done just this with her students.

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Another option:

Need to Feel Connected? Watch This!

19 Apr

A lot of undeniably crazy things happen in our world on a day to day basis. Sometimes I need to remember that at our core we are all connected. Watch this beautiful video to learn how true this sentiment is from an astrophysicist’s perspective. The Most Astounding Fact

Creative Thinking

18 Apr

This short film highlights a boy who created his own cardboard arcade and a film maker who made his day. Very heartwarming. Look for Caine’s smile at the end. Caine’s Arcade

Top 10 Teacher Facts That’ll Make You Proud

17 Apr

“Since 2009, Scholastic and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been publishing Primary Sources.  It is a survey taken by thousands of American teachers on issues central to public education in the country today.

This year, 10,000 public school teachers participated in the survey that was used to create Primary Sources 2012:  America’s Teachers on the Teaching Profession.”

Click the link above to read the Top 10 Teacher Facts That’ll Make You Proud | TeachHUB.  The report will indeed make you proud to be an educator.



Guiding Questions

17 Apr

FCU teachers, please review the document below for edits.

Video and Self Assessment Instructions

11 Apr

Please read the document below for a rationale and instructions regarding our self assessment project at FCU.

Basic Addition | Addition and subtraction | Khan Academy

10 Apr

Would you show the video below to your students? How old should students be to use it effectively?

Students of many ages are using Khan Academy across the globe. The article below highlights a successful after school program created in the Dondero School in Portsmouth, NH–right in Hooksett’s backyard.

I encourage you to discover ways to use some of the thousands of videos stored in the Khan Academy’s database in your classroom or out.

Visit: for more information.

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Online lessons helping city students

Dondero School embraces Internet education service

By Joey Cresta
March 28, 2012 2:00 AM

PORTSMOUTH — Mary C. Dondero School third-grader Luke Bouchard is a skilled math student who, at times, finds lessons too easy. Thanks to an after-school enrichment program, that is no longer a problem.The School Board heard Tuesday night about the successes of Bouchard and other students who have participated in a pilot program using the online Khan Academy at Dondero.Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization that provides vast Web-based resources and lessons. According to its Web site, its mission is to change education for the better by providing a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.The site’s resources are free to use and include practice exercises and a library of 3,000 helpful videos, hints and assessments. It guides students from one concept to the next, individualizes lessons to a student’s skill level and tracks data for each student so teachers or parents can easily monitor his or her progress. Lessons include math, reading, history, biology and economics.Second-grade teacher Karen Dowling and parent volunteer Lance McMillan ran a seminar on Khan Academy at Tuesday night’s School Board meeting. The school is currently in its second semester of offering the twice-weekly after-school enrichment program, and Dowling said students are on a waiting list to join the sessions.”The enthusiasm and fun-loving spirit is just heartwarming,” she said.The Khan Academy program promotes learning by awarding successful students with virtual badges. McMillan took it a step further by creating physical pins that he gives the students.Nine-year-old Bouchard proudly displayed his collection of pins to School Board members.”Khan is very rewarding because it challenges my math and reading skills,” he said.His father, John Bouchard, called the program “phenomenal” and said it has provided his son with extra challenges needed to keep him engaged.About one-third of Dondero students in third through fifth grades have used Khan Academy. Considering the success stories, board members discussed how to integrate the program into classroom lessons.Access is part of the issue. Dondero’s computer lab has roughly 20 computers that Assistant Superintendent Steve Zadravec said are at the end of their useful life. They are due to be replaced this year, he said.Another problem is bandwidth capabilities. According to Dowling, when the lab fills up and students start using every computer, there is significant lag.The School Board has recently discussed a desire to expand and improve technology infrastructure throughout the district. Board member Carol Chellman said the Khan Academy presentation underscored the importance of providing the district with the technology it needs to help students succeed.Board members said Khan Academy was implemented at Dondero this year, and the principals at the city’s other elementary schools have expressed an interest in introducing the program to their students as well.Khan Academy is available from any computer with Internet access. For information, visit