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The Myth of Having Summers Off | Edutopia

28 Jun

The Myth of Having Summers Off | Edutopia


The article found by clicking the link above describes a “summer off” for most teachers.  Few know of the work that goes into the preparation and planning for a new school year.

The daily pace certainly slows down, but the work is always there!


6 Stages of Teaching – A Comedy

19 Jun

Below is the video we watched at today’s faculty meeting.  Enjoy!

Garmsten – Seven Norms of Collaboration at FCU

19 Jun

This article, Collaboarative Culture by Robert Garmsten, sets the stage perfectly for our endeavor at FCU to work collaboratively for the benefit of our students.  In a nutshell, in a culture where employees presume others have positive intentions, listening, and asking probing questions to develop deeper understanding will impact student achievement favorably.

Click here to download the article

Click here to access Common Core Documents to help with Wednesday, 6/20’s curriculum work.

Finally, click here to read the New York Times column discussed at today’s faculty meeting.

Competency Based Report Cards – Rochester, NH Leading the Way

11 Jun

New Hampshire Schools Leading the Way in Shift to “Competency” | New Hampshire Public Radio.

New Hampshire Schools Leading the Way in Shift to

Just this morning, NHPR’s Sam Evans-Brown highlighted Spaulding High School, located in Rochester, NH, and its shift to competency Based grading. The article does a great job explaining the concept for those unfamiliar with it.  Bravo to Rochester and its hard work.  Next year will be their year for really heavy lifting as the rest of their school system makes the shift as the high school did this year.

What Parents and Educators Want from K-12 Assessments

7 Jun

Please see the infographic below detailing a study about assessments and K-12 education.  To me, it outlines the importance of regular formative assessments, the need to measure learning accurately and then use that information to drive instruction.  It also highlights the high regard parents have for teachers and their judgement.  Finally, the timeliness of analyzing and reporting this data out to key stakeholders, namely parents and teachers, is of the essence.

What do you see?

Great Work FCU!

2 Jun

Last night, the Hooksett school district administrators presented their State of the School reports to the Hooksett School Board. These reports are always an exciting opportunity to share our mission with the board, and to demonstrate how we accomplish our goals on a day-to-day basis. Underhill school received rave reviews for the work we do with our students. The faculty and staff should be proud of their accomplishments and feel validated and appreciated after the remarks made by school board members. One mentioned, “Every student should be so lucky to receive a Hooksett education.”

If you would like to view the video we put together for the presentation, click the link below. You will need the password I emailed to you (staff members) to view it. The password is case sensitive.