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Five Steps to Starting a Class Blog

22 Aug

Five Steps to Starting a Class Blog.

If you are in the 21st Century Classroom Pilot group. Follow this link for assistance.

Five Tips for New Teachers to Become Connected Educators | Edutopia

21 Aug

Five Tips for New Teachers to Become Connected Educators | Edutopia.

For the last 7 months or so, I have been cultivating my Twitter skills.  For the last year, I have been curating resources and crafting and clarifying my message to educators at Underhill School.  But most importantly, through this process where I thought I was communicating information out, I have realized that I have probably learned more through this process than anything else.

My blog has generated conversations with teachers on my staff that never would have happened without this form of communication.  I have made connections and learned from educators around the world with Twitter.  I have come to learn that what I have been working to become is a “Connected Educator”–and I can honestly say that through my online interactions with local educators and those around the globe, I have learned more than I ever could have in a one day, sit and listen, take some notes conference.

I challenge you to take the plunge!  Read the article, take the steps, be patient, and let me know what you think.

How can this help you as an educator?

What have been your experiences with social media and your professional practice?

New Teacher Orientation Presentation

21 Aug