Five Tips for New Teachers to Become Connected Educators | Edutopia

21 Aug

Five Tips for New Teachers to Become Connected Educators | Edutopia.

For the last 7 months or so, I have been cultivating my Twitter skills.  For the last year, I have been curating resources and crafting and clarifying my message to educators at Underhill School.  But most importantly, through this process where I thought I was communicating information out, I have realized that I have probably learned more through this process than anything else.

My blog has generated conversations with teachers on my staff that never would have happened without this form of communication.  I have made connections and learned from educators around the world with Twitter.  I have come to learn that what I have been working to become is a “Connected Educator”–and I can honestly say that through my online interactions with local educators and those around the globe, I have learned more than I ever could have in a one day, sit and listen, take some notes conference.

I challenge you to take the plunge!  Read the article, take the steps, be patient, and let me know what you think.

How can this help you as an educator?

What have been your experiences with social media and your professional practice?

One Response to “Five Tips for New Teachers to Become Connected Educators | Edutopia”

  1. Mary Lou Donahoe August 21, 2012 at 11:32 am #

    I agree with you, Drew that blogs help with communication and is a good venue to inform and share ideas as well as learn in the process. I am following other blogs as well on 21st Century skills and Project Based Learning. One thing that concerns me about blogs, however, is they are public. Sometimes it can be intimidating to write on blogs and have the “world” read your thoughts or comments. I cannot comment on the Connected educator blog as it offers 5 points and need time to read them. My only experience on being connected to others have been through e-pals. You can share and collaborate with other teachers around the world. I can comment on social media in the classroom. I do not feel I am media-savvy but I am willing to try. My belief is tweeting in the classroom can be very helpful in communicating with the parents or even grandparents that live far away. Many of my student’s families mentioned to me during summer school they would like to receive more e-mails from us or have a blog. I realized why they were asking its because they can then translate it into their own language. Why didn’t I think of that before? I was considering a newsletter but a blog post is much efficient. Using social media also allows busy parents to read updates on their children at their own pace and time. I created a wiki last year to share information and lessons with my students and their families, I was not very successful using it. This year I will make the point to post information for them to read. Another objective is to learn how to use google docs and digital storytelling. I have found using dropbox very easy, particularly when sharing videos or power point presentations with others. Baby steps for me in my quest to become more media savvy and a connected educator.

    Karen Landsman’s post on her blog about being a 21st Century Educator also made me reflect on what is needed to move in that direction. Her list was very easy to read and very informative.

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