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26 Oct


Let’s not let our students get here!

Failure is Normal

25 Oct

Watch Dr. Tae  in this TEDx Talk to discover the “The secret to learning…”  He relates his experiences in skateboarding to school reform ideas.


Foster Grandparents Program on NBC

24 Oct

Click the link to view the video

Recently on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams was a story on the Foster Grandparents program.  Underhill School has been participating in this symbiotic program for approximately 4 years with great success.  I am so pleased that this mutually beneficial program has received some attention from the national media.  Congratulations, Foster Grandparents!

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Ferrari Engines, Bicycle Brakes

23 Oct

Educational Leadership:Students Who Challenge Us:Ferrari Engines, Bicycle Brakes.

Click the link above for a powerful article about supporting children with ADHD in our schools.  The article was written by Edward Hallowell, a psychiatrist and writer diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, in our schools.  He provides an important perspective about the power of a teacher and the vulnerability of some of our students and a series of classroom strategies teachers can use to help those often misunderstood learners.


Diagnosing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurobiological condition characterized by high levels of distractibility, impulsivity, and restlessness as compared to one’s peers. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies show small but measurable differences in brain size in several regions of the brain—the prefrontal cortex, the corpus callosum, the caudate nucleus, and the vermis of the cerebellum—that correlate with the symptoms observed in the condition.

A diagnosis of ADHD is based on the individual’s history, supplemented with teacher comments and neuropsychological testing. The symptoms must cause underachievement or some other form of impairment and be present in at least two settings—for example, home and school. The so-called “inattentive type” of ADHD, which is more common in girls than boys but can be present in either, is often missed because the child is not at all disruptive—indeed is often quiet and serene. However, he or she is underachieving because of inconsistent and frequently wandering attention.

ADHD is among the most heritable of all conditions in the behavioral sciences. If one parent has ADHD, the odds are about 1:3 that a given child will also have it. If both parents have it, the odds increase to 2:3.


Apple Education Seminars and Events

17 Oct

Click the link above to register for an on demand course from Apple.  Entitled Creating Your Own Content with iLife and iWork On-Demand it will help you understand how to create and distribute content on their devices.  Here is their description:

The Apple Education Tune-in Series is a collection of webcasts focused on introducing educators and IT leaders to the capabilities of Mac OS X and iOS platforms.

Creation of content can be a valuable education tool for both educators and students. Wednesday’s session explores elements of the iWork and iLife suites to demonstrate the ease of creating content and distributing it on mobile devices.

NOTE: After registering for this event, the movie will immediately start playing. Please be patient as it will load as quickly as your network allows.


Social Competency at Underhill School

10 Oct

Candace Lord, guidance counselor at Underhill School, has crafted her place in the digital world. You can find her blog, Moxie Matters, by clicking here:

Her most recent post provides insight directed toward parents, but suitable for anyone who lives or works with children, about gaming and its effect on children and their social competency.

Much of her post is filled with questions for us all to consider and ends with a link to a study on bullying.

Thank you Candace!

KarmaTube: Students Stepping Up the Kindness!

9 Oct

KarmaTube: Students Stepping Up the Kindness!

KarmaTube: Students Stepping Up the Kindness!

Our second grade is currently working on a “Kindness” unit.  Click the link above to see some true acts of kindness.  This could be a great way of demonstrating what kindness is and how it affects people in large and small ways.  Go Kansas!



Description from Karma Tube:

How amazing would it be to start the first day of school receiving random acts of kindness from your fellow students? Last year, a hundred students at Kansas State huddled early in the morning to see just how they could pool their time, money and creativity to surprise (and perhaps shock!) their fellow students with unexpected generosity. From a welcome applause to paying for meals to wowing a driver with parallel park assistance, this is a video that’ll make you smile.

California: Not Afraid of Change

6 Oct

20121003-193909.jpgClick this link to see something amazing. California is enacting a law to allow self driving cars on their roads. Are their risks? Yes. Are the rewards worth it? That is yet to be determined, but we won’t find out unless someone starts. Good for you California.

Click this link to view a self driving car demonstration.

That’s The Way We’ve Always Done It

5 Oct

click for articleFrank Buck has been an outspoken advocate for technology in education and organization in educational leadership for a long time. His most recent post provides an allegory that many of us have experienced. He makes a case for the need to reflect on why we do what we do. Click the link to read it:

Hooksett in the News

3 Oct

Our district is in the news. Listen to or read this article to hear Sam Evans Brown’s report on our and Oyster River’s progress on implementing a BYOD policy. Oyster River representatives provide interesting insight into the practice after living through it for three years already.