Hooksett in the News

3 Oct

Our district is in the news. Listen to or read this article to hear Sam Evans Brown’s report on our and Oyster River’s progress on implementing a BYOD policy. Oyster River representatives provide interesting insight into the practice after living through it for three years already.


4 Responses to “Hooksett in the News”

  1. Amanda Stark October 10, 2012 at 7:36 pm #

    As a parent and staff member in Hooksett I have heard both sides of the debate about using technology in the classroom. As an educator I see so many benefits and have witnessed these tools in such a positive way. My friends and other parents however who are not in the classroom, do not get the opportunity to see the first hand benefits.
    I have attended a BYOD public meeting with other parents and to be honest, I don’t think I would be for technology in the way that I am if I had not had all of my experiences in the classroom. I really think that the district needs to present the BYOD program in a different way to parents. We need to win them over by showing them the possibilities, the projects, and the learning that can come from access to these technologies. School is such a different place now a days and frankly parents are unable to reference the use of these devices fully with their own educational experiences. I have been blown away by the possibilities, but we need to share those learning moments with the parents and not just talk the technical talk. Show the work! Our kids are digital natives, we are not.
    I also agree with the article in that by using technilogical devices in the classroom we have the opportunity to teach students how to properly use social media, research credible sources, and approach the use of technology in a resourceful and responsible manner.

    • Karen L. October 25, 2012 at 1:01 pm #

      Amanda, you make a very good point about the need to show the work students are doing. With our focus on technology, surely there must be a good tech tool to accomplish this. I see students using technology to learn every single day; how can we publicize this so parents and community members have a clearer picture of how it all works?

  2. Mary Lou Donahoe October 3, 2012 at 8:26 pm #

    Technology is not the “solution” to everything in education,though I have found it to be a an invaluable tool as a teaching resource. Today in particular I was working with a very young student who does not speak English. I have an application on my ipad with her home language. As I played the numbers in her home language on the ipad, she instantaneously looked at me, she understood. I had made a connection. This child is not speaking at all, but then I pressed the recording button and she shyly taped herself saying the numbers in her native language. My first assessment! We then were able to “match” some of the sounds in her original language to the number sounds in English. Not all matched, but some did. Having that instant ability to listen to her home language made the lesson meaningful and purposeful for her. Most importantly very successful for both of us. I was so excited about the number “success” I then just press the microphone button and she sang the abc song in English. She had been learning the letters after all! I began to use this app last year with another children who spoke the same language. What transpired then was when I tried to repeat words in their language I was not “hearing their sounds”as those sounds do not exist in English or Spanish. The students laughed, but we had a connection. They did not hear some sounds in English either, as they do not exist in their home language. We would tape one another with different vocabulary words and their vocabulary knowledge increased by trying to teach me their words and vice-versa. Through this game we both learned, tolerance when we do not understand one another, pay attention to sounds and many vocabulary words. Most importantly we laughed a lot!!

    • J. Andrew Bairstow October 3, 2012 at 8:36 pm #

      Wow! What a powerful set of experiences, Mary Lou. It is always amazing to me to remember that your students are only 5-7 years old, and have only been SPEAKING for a handful of those years, let alone speaking a second language. I have a lot of admiration for the amount of work they are doing. For certain, it is far more than meets the eye.

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