Failure is Normal

25 Oct

Watch Dr. Tae  in this TEDx Talk to discover the “The secret to learning…”  He relates his experiences in skateboarding to school reform ideas.


One Response to “Failure is Normal”

  1. Karen L. October 25, 2012 at 12:53 pm #

    Very interesting…I was particularly interested in the concept of “Goldilocks Challenges” and finding the “flow of learning” versus trying to make learning “fun”. There has been discussion in the past decade about how teachers need to “engage students”; some have interpreted this to mean “entertain students”. I don’t think most students want to be entertained but I do believe they want, and need to be engaged. We are most engaged as learners when we are presented with a challenge we believe we can attain with the right combination of tenacity, information and opportunity.
    Like the skateboarding analogy, I think about some of our students trying to learn how to tie their shoes. They know they can do it and we know they can do it. We can show them how by modeling, guide them verbally as they try but we all agree it will take practice and not giving up too soon. No one gives them a grade on it and their friends will help them out until they can do it on their own. And – they almost all learn to do it and feel proud of their accomplishment. The reward is independence and pride in their ability.
    So, my question is: how do we transfer this methodology to our schools in the current atmosphere of data acquisition to drive instruction?

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