Part 5 – 15 Ways to Become a Smarter Teacher

1 Dec

How often do we use the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder?” As we are in the midst of an educational revolution, it is clear that this phrase encapsulates our careers. While we straddle the blurred line between past, present and future pedagogy and methodology, we as educators must do a little bit of everything. It is hard work!

In Ian Jukes‘s most recent post, he highlights 16 strategies teachers can use to guide themselves towards workplace efficiency. I will post one strategy each day for the next 16 days.


Click Here for the Ian Jukes article – Part 5



One Response to “Part 5 – 15 Ways to Become a Smarter Teacher”

  1. mldonahoe December 1, 2012 at 12:17 pm #

    This is a very timely posting for me. I have prepared one of my group’s lesson on the environment using Glogster Education. Amanda helped me set-up the account. I went home and forgot how to operate Glogster, good thing there are many tutorials on you tube that helped me move forward. I am so excited I even was able to add a link to the British council website so at the end of the lesson the students can play an online “green game” to demonstrate understanding the concept of recycling. Using Glogster is totally out of my comfort zone, I believe it will allow my lesson to offer a lot of visuals and simple language to help my students build background and learn the vocabulary words needed. I have found students are very forgiving when we fail and there’s always one student that knows a lot about computers willing to help and offer solutions. In my experience showing vulnerability is a “good thing” as the learning becomes a collaboration between me and my students a perfect setting for learning. Of course, I do have a back-up plan in the event technology is not agreeing with me that day…

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