Part 6 – 15 Ways to Become a Smarter Teacher

3 Dec

How often do we use the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder?” As we are in the midst of an educational revolution, it is clear that this phrase encapsulates our careers. While we straddle the blurred line between past, present and future pedagogy and methodology, we as educators must do a little bit of everything. It is hard work!

In Ian Jukes‘s most recent post, he highlights 16 strategies teachers can use to guide themselves towards workplace efficiency. I will post one strategy each day for the next 16 days.


Click Here for the Ian Jukes article – Part 6

One Response to “Part 6 – 15 Ways to Become a Smarter Teacher”

  1. mldonahoe December 3, 2012 at 4:05 pm #

    Part 6 is my most favorite of all these postings. How true, to differentiate the lessons, to repeat the lesson so the student learn them. As I read more about 21st Century I understand it is not solely about technology but to teach the students to think critically, to “get” the answer by doing inquiry and being curious.If we want our students to succeed in the years ahead we need to teach them critical thinking skills, work in collaboration not only with their peers but learn to use and listen to experts in the field as a guidance to find their own solutions. I feel the last paragraph says it all I quote Ian Jukes below:
    “The idea is not to undermine an answer but to bolster it through a thorough examination of the options – even the outlandish, crazy, off-the-wall ones. Our job as educators is no longer just to get the right answers from our students, because although they get marks for having the right answer, it’s just as important to ask the right question and to get them to ask the right questions.” Well said!!!

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