Part 7 – 15 Ways to Become a Smarter Teacher

4 Dec

How often do we use the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder?” As we are in the midst of an educational revolution, it is clear that this phrase encapsulates our careers. While we straddle the blurred line between past, present and future pedagogy and methodology, we as educators must do a little bit of everything. It is hard work!

In Ian Jukes‘s most recent post, he highlights 16 strategies teachers can use to guide themselves towards workplace efficiency. I will post one strategy each day for the next 16 days.


Click Here for the Ian Jukes article – Part 7

One Response to “Part 7 – 15 Ways to Become a Smarter Teacher”

  1. mldonahoe December 4, 2012 at 6:54 pm #

    This post is truly making me think as for years I have observed most students “sit there” and do not take risks when they think they do not know what to do. They wait. That has always bothered me and I did not understand the reason. Reading this article has helped me understand I have “filled the blanks” and how important it is to let them arrive to that conclusion. Lately I have learned to ask my students “are you sure this is the right answer”, most of the time they change their answer and I ask again: how do you know this is right or wrong? what were you thinking? I have found out many student have learned by rote, but when you taken them “out of the order” in counting by tens then they are totally lost. Of course in our early grades its very normal, but this article is giving me… food for thought. Again, thank you for posting these great strategies to help build the 21st Century “bag of tricks” to use in the classroom. I will remember to be a good HOST in my classroom!

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