Upgrades and Amplification

11 Dec

Click HERE to access an exceptional post on the Langwitches Blog. It is a follow up to the Learning How2Learn Post and slide show I previously re-posted. She explains the terms “Upgrade” and “Amplification” and continues to prescribe a slow and methodical process for everyone to use to train themselves for success.
This post provides a great vision of instruction in the modern era and how to achieve it.

Below is a checklist she created that breaks down the process she outlines in her post:


One Response to “Upgrades and Amplification”

  1. Mary Lou Donahoe December 11, 2012 at 9:06 pm #

    This is an excellent post. I just checked some of the steps and I particularly liked Alan November’s model of the Digital Learning Farm as he” prescribes six roles to empower learners.”I particularly liked to read he recommends to start slowly. One role and just try. Once you click on the link for the “Digital Learning Farm” you see a new checklist of steps to take to accomplish these roles. It is very good. I will take time to look into it. Langwitches is an excellent blog. Recently, they posted an article titled: “Critical Literacy is traditional reading and writing enough?” Very insightful.

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