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Social Thinking and Common Core Standards

19 Feb

Social Thinking and Common Core Standards

Social Thinking and Common Core Standards

My last few posts have focused on communication and the explicit instruction necessary in teaching young children how to communicate and collaborate.  Click the link above to read how Michelle Garcia Winner (one of the developers of Social Thinking) has linked the speaking and listening anchor standards from the Common Core with social learning.  If you are unfamiliar with Social Thinking, peruse her site to learn more.


Is This the Future of Medicine?

13 Feb

A recent episode of Rock Center highlighted cardiologist Dr. Eric Topol and some of the improvements, cost savings methods, and the personalization of medicine that he is practicing now and that he feels is the future of health care.  Almost all of it is done through his smart phone and wirelessly.  He says that the use of these tools makes his patient relationships stronger and empowers his patients to know and understand their health that much better.

This is truly amazing!

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Why AppleTV & iPad beats Interactive Whiteboard….Every Time

5 Feb

Why AppleTV & iPad beats Interactive Whiteboard….every time. | Ryan Orilio.

Why AppleTV & iPad beats Interactive Whiteboard….every time. | Ryan Orilio

Ryan Orilio has outlined a detailed argument that highlights the benefits of the Apple TV versus an Interactive Whiteboard.  I cannot agree with him more.  The number of uses an ATV has far outweighs those of an Interactive Whiteboard.  We have one active ATV/projector/speaker setup currently in our building as a pilot this year. We will continue to examine its upside and drawbacks, but at the halfway point, the configuration looks very promising.