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Minecraft – Do You Know What It Is?

20 May

20130520-205648.jpgIn order to discover what and how our students think, it is beneficial to look into their interests. Many of our students may spend an inordinate amount of time building various creations on Minecraft. I have just recently begun scratching the surface of this game, and I’ve realized the extent to which this game could be leveraged for educational purposes.

Follow this link to read Ashley MacQuarrie’s brilliant list of ideas in how Minecraft could be, and is in some cases, used in education.

Upgrades and Amplification

11 Dec

Click HERE to access an exceptional post on the Langwitches Blog. It is a follow up to the Learning How2Learn Post and slide show I previously re-posted. She explains the terms “Upgrade” and “Amplification” and continues to prescribe a slow and methodical process for everyone to use to train themselves for success.
This post provides a great vision of instruction in the modern era and how to achieve it.

Below is a checklist she created that breaks down the process she outlines in her post:


Hooksett in the News

3 Oct

Our district is in the news. Listen to or read this article to hear Sam Evans Brown’s report on our and Oyster River’s progress on implementing a BYOD policy. Oyster River representatives provide interesting insight into the practice after living through it for three years already.


Change Behavior First, Beliefs Will Follow

27 Sep


NPR Story: Teacher Expectations
A very interesting study was published last week outlining the power of teacher expectations on students and learning outcomes. Alix Spiegel of NPR has reported on the subject masterfully.

The final verdict: Teachers, you have an inordinate amount of power, and children live up to your expectations. . Being mindful of your thoughts, convictions, and assumptions will help you reach out to each student in your class.



Underhill School Alphabet, Long Vowel, and Digraph Chants

18 Jul

Underhill School Alphabet, Long Vowel, and Digraph Chants

There has been some interest in the chants I created with my children to use during classroom instruction.  Please click the link below to download the files.

Click Here

Conversational Guide to “Video” Self Assessment

3 May

Complete the following form here, or you can complete it on paper if you prefer.  You can download the paper version by clicking the link below.

Guiding Questions